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At Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC offers unparalleled expertise in the realm of business law as a business lawyer in Washington, DC. As a beacon in the complex landscape of legal issues, we are well-equipped to handle a wide array of legal disputes. At the At Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC, we believe that every business and small business deserves the strongest possible legal defense and impeccable legal counsel. Contact our business lawyer in DC to schedule a consultation today.

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Business Attorneys in Washington DC

Selecting the right business attorney in Washington, DC, is critical. At the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC, we deeply understand the unique business challenges and obstacles businesses face in Washington, DC. Our firm stands out for its commitment to legal excellence, personalized approach, and ethical practices.

Our law firm represents and provides legal services to businesses located within Washington, District of Columbia, as well as regional and national corporations. We provide unrivaled attention and focus to each of our business clients regardless of size or scope.

Experienced and Skilled: With years of experience handling complex business cases, at the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC, we bring profound legal acumen and strategic thinking to the table.

Personalized Attention: Our firm prides itself on offering personalized attention to each client, carefully listening to their needs, and crafting effective legal strategies in Washington.

Results-Oriented: Our philosophy is centered around achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, whether through negotiations or aggressive courtroom advocacy. We are results driven in all legal endeavors.

With years of specialized experience in small business and corporate law, our law firm offers a full range of legal services tailored to your unique needs. Contact our law office to schedule an appointment with a business lawyer Washington, DC.

Our Business Attorney Services:

  • Trademarks
  • Board Formation
  • Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Business Formation
  • Compliance
  • Contracts
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Administrative Requirements and Regulations
  • Cyber Law
  • Antitrust

Our business attorneys can provide a variety of business solutions which include but are not limited to this list. Contact our office for more information.


How Our DC Business Lawyers Help Businesses

We believe that all sized businesses, big or small businesses, deserve top-notch legal counsel. Our team understands the unique dynamics of Washington, DC’s competitive business environment, and we’re ready to help you navigate it with confidence.

The business lawyers at the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC, advises clients on a myriad of topics and challenges facing businesses today, including litigation, establishing new business entities, compliance, business contracts, intellectual property, negotiations, and more.


A business’s brand and identity and is one of it’s most valuable assets. Protecting it should be a top priority. At the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC, we provide comprehensive trademark services to Washington businesses. Whether you’re establishing a new trademark or defending an existing one, our Washington Dc trademark attorneys are equipped with deep expertise in intellectual property law to guide you through the process.

We handle trademark search, trademark registration, trademark enforcement, and trademark defense, ensuring your brand stays uniquely yours in a competitive market. Our law firm provides the legal shield your brand needs in the world of business.


Every successful business relies on effective decision-making at the board level. Our business lawyers understand the critical role of board governance in strategic planning and overall business health. We offer professional legal advice to boards on a range of issues, including fiduciary duties, conflict of interest matters, risk management, and corporate governance best practices.

With our legal support, your board can make confident, informed decisions that propel your business toward its strategic objectives. Choose the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC for sound board governance support in Washington DC.


When your business is faced with a lawsuit, it’s crucial to have a skilled litigation attorney at your side. The Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC provides robust litigation services to businesses in Washington, DC. We represent your interests in court with vigor, strategy, and an unwavering commitment to your success.

We precisely navigate the complex legal landscape, leveraging our deep understanding of business law to fight for your rights during litigation. From pre-trial negotiations to court proceedings, we stand with you every step of the way, delivering vigorous defense and peace of mind.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Not every dispute needs to see the inside of a courtroom. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers a more amicable, cost-effective, and efficient approach. At the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC, we are experienced in ADR methods such as mediation and arbitration.

Our goal is to resolve disputes swiftly and favorably, saving your business time, resources, and unnecessary stress. We advocate for your interests, working collaboratively with all parties to find a solution that works for you. Choose the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC for a smarter, smoother path to dispute resolution in Washington DC.

Business Formation

Starting a business in Washington DC? You’re embarking on an exciting journey. The Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC is here to ensure that your business and company are built on a proper legal foundation. With a deep understanding of DC’s unique business environment, we guide you through every step of business formation – from choosing the correct business entity to filing the necessary paperwork, crafting strategic operating agreements, and obtaining the necessary business license.

Our comprehensive legal counsel is designed to minimize risk and maximize potential, positioning your new venture for success right from the start. With our firm by your side, you can turn your entrepreneurial dream into a thriving reality. Contact our DC business lawyers for more information.


Navigating the maze of local, state, and federal regulations can be daunting. The business lawyers at the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC is here to light the way. Our comprehensive compliance services help you understand and adhere to all necessary rules and regulations pertaining to businesses.

We stay updated on any changes in the law, ensuring your business always remains compliant and protected. We’ve got you covered whether it’s employment law, environmental regulations, or industry-specific standards.

At Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC, we believe in proactive compliance – staying ahead of the curve to prevent potential legal issues before they arise.

Contracts and Commercial Transactions

Whether it’s sealing a deal with a new supplier or entering into a partnership, every commercial transaction is a key step in your business journey. Our contract lawyer provides experienced legal advice on all aspects of contracts and commercial transactions. We review and draft contracts that protect your interests and facilitate smooth transactions.

Our goal is to provide clear, actionable advice that simplifies complex legal terms and safeguards your business from potential legal repercussions. At the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC, you can proceed with confidence, knowing every contract and transaction propels your business forward while protecting your bottom line. Contact our firm for immediate assistance.

Business Disputes

Business disputes are an unfortunate reality in today’s competitive environment. When they occur, you need a trusted advocate on your side. Our attorneys offer effective legal representation for all types of business disputes – whether it’s a disagreement with a partner, a breach of contract, or a claim from an employee.

We strive to resolve disputes quickly and effectively, minimizing the impact on your business operations and reputation. Our approach is strategic and personalized, focusing on finding the most favorable resolution for your unique situation. With the help of our busines lawyers, you can turn conflict into resolution, ensuring your business continues to thrive amidst challenges.

International Law

If your company conducts business in a foreign country, you need an experienced international law attorney to protect your best interests and advise you on foreign issues. If your company is interested in transferring employees, employment-related visas, or invest in the U.S., you may need to consider consulting with an immigration lawyer in Washington DC.


Antitrust laws keep businesses operating fairly by regulating the way they conduct business. When a group of businesses combines to create a monopoly or use deceptive trade practices, your business suffers and you may need to file a lawsuit against antitrust violators. For Business entities that are facing merger review or any other anti-competitive conduct investigation, you can avoid exorbitant legal bills and also get an effective, fast and skilled service in our law firm. If you need help responding to DOJ Second Requests or Civil Investigative Demand, our law firm is here to assist you with those matters.


If your business needs to file bankruptcy, you need quality, comprehensive legal advice, including whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will best meet your business’s needs, if your case has unique risks that you may not have considered, and what to expect through the bankruptcy process.

Cyber Law

Cyberlaw governs the internet and Internet-related technologies. This area of law is always evolving as more companies conduct business online. Common issues include privacy issues, data analytics usage, and complying with more stringent regulations.


Government regulations are constantly evolving, and some of these new regulations harm your business. Whether your business’s dispute is with local, state, or the Federal government, our law firm has the experience to fight for your business’s best interests.

“I was very satisfied with the services provided to me by Mohaimina, her response was immediate, professional, and her court preparation was outstanding. I would strongly recommend her law firm.

– AP

Legal Services for Your Business in DC

At the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC, our business attorneys can provide legal counsel on business formation and structuring; drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts; shareholder and partnership agreements; compliance and regulatory guidance; dispute resolution and litigation; business succession planning; and intellectual property protection specific to business assets.

We are dedicated to supporting businesses of all scales, from budding startups to well-established corporations, in popular Washington DC areas and neighborhoods including Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Foggy Bottom, Shaw, Penn Quarter, Navy Yard, and NoMa. Contact our office to get started.

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The Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC is committed to safeguarding your business’s interests. Business law can be complicated, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. Our attorneys are here to provide dedicated, personalized legal services, helping you make informed decisions and maintain peace of mind. Just read our reviews to see what other company owners have to say.

Whether you’re grappling with business formation, governance, regulatory compliance, trademark issues, litigation, or administrative law, our law firm in Washington DC is here to help.

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