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At our law firm, we are passionately committed to delivering comprehensive legal solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Drawing upon our vast expertise in various legal domains, ranging from business law and immigration, to personal injury law, we possess the acumen to navigate the intricacies of your unique legal situation.

Our team is not only equipped with extensive experience, but we also leverage our deep understanding of legal processes and precedents to help ensure that your interests are safeguarded. No matter the complexity of your legal needs, we endeavor to support you every step of the way in pursuit of a favorable outcome.

Our client-focused approach empowers you, bolsters your confidence, and addresses your legal concerns with the utmost proficiency.

Meet Our Team

Mohaimina ‘Mina’ Haque

Attorney at Law

Mohaimina “Mina” Haque is an experienced attorney in a wide range of practice areas: business, immigration, and personal injury, and class actions/product liability. She favorably represented clients in the Washington D.C. area in many different matters with a high success rate, finding favorable solutions to her clients’ disputes.

Nelson Happy

Affiliated Partner

With over 53 years of experience, Attorney Nelson Happy is well-versed in various legal matters. He is a graduate of Columbia Law School, and previously, Attorney Happy worked as a tenured professor at Regent University School of Law. Nelson was formerly a partner in two leading Midwest law firms.

Ira David

Affiliated Partner

The Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC is thrilled to announce the addition of Attorney Ira David. Mr. David has followed a highly diverse road to join the legal community. He graduated magna cum laude from The Boyd School of Law in 2005 after a career of more than thirty years in the fields of Theoretical Mathematics and Computer Software.

Shamul Haque

Affiliated Partner

Ehteshamul Haque has worked as legal counsel for some of the best-known entities in corporate America. Before starting his own practice, he represented one of the world’s biggest hedge funds as an outside counsel. He also worked in-house at HP and Verizon, where he dealt with cutting-edge software, cloud, and Big Data issues.

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