What Our Clients Say

Mina is a brilliant and friendly advocate who saved our immigration journey. I had the privilege of working with Mina, an extraordinary attorney who played a pivotal role during my wife's immigration interview. Her unwavering commitment and unwavering determination to defend our case against the USCIS officer's baseless attempts were truly remarkable. Mina's brilliance, coupled with her warm and approachable demeanor, left a lasting impression on us. Beyond her legal acumen, what sets Mina apart is her friendly and caring nature. Throughout the process, she demonstrated genuine concern for our well-being and emotional state. She took the time to listen to our concerns, patiently explaining the intricacies of the immigration process, and providing us with the reassurance we needed during this stressful time. Mina's kindness and empathy put us at ease and made us feel valued as clients and individuals. Mina's determination to fight for our rights was evident in her unwavering dedication to our case. It was clear that she was not only invested in the legal aspects but also deeply committed to achieving a positive outcome for our family. This level of personal investment is truly rare and spoke volumes about her dedication to her clients' welfare. I wholeheartedly recommend Mina to anyone seeking legal representation.
Mahmood Rahimi Avatar
Mahmood Rahimi
I had a life changing experience when the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque took my Discrimination case and represented me. They believed in me and fought for my rights with intelligence and compassion.
Chuck Harris Avatar
Chuck Harris
Mina has been an excellent lawyer. I have had issues with 2 of 3 previous lawyers including one immigration lawyer. We have finally found someone we can happily refer and would prefer to do business with.
Xavier Vergara Avatar
Xavier Vergara
Amazing Law services, accurate, professional, realistic and dedicated to achieved the goals, most importantly honest with what is possible and what won't be possible, which is something that personally really appreciate. I totally recommend Mina.
Leandro Limonghi Avatar
Leandro Limonghi
Mrs. Haque is very professional. She is very nice and sweet! We did immigration with her help. She explains the situations and handles processes very well. We finally got our case approved. I recommend Mrs. Haque’s service strongly.
Andy Young Avatar
Andy Young
5 star ratingThis is your best option when looking for a competent and reasonable lawyer who seems to care about you as a person, and not just your billable hours. Mina has my highest recommendation.
Andrew S. Avatar
Andrew S.
I want to Strongly recommend Mina for your attorney needs!!!! She helped me tremendously! She is very knowledgeable about the issues and she can be reached at any time to answer your questions! Thanks again Attorney Mina!
5 star ratingMina was extremely helpful. We were able to settle with the defendent who was extremely unkind and difficult to work with. But overall Mina executed very well. And got the case settled. Her techinques that she has learned over the years while practicing law, has allowed her to maneuver certain hurddles.
J K. Avatar
J K.
I was very satisfied with the services provided to me by Mohaimina, her response was immediate, professional, and her court preparation was outstanding. I would strongly recommend her law firm.
Beverley Brathwaite Avatar
Beverley Brathwaite
5 star ratingI contacted Mina a week before my small claims court date and she responded very quickly and made this difficult time so easy for me. The location worked out great for me since it is located downtown a couple blocks from my job. We were able to meet a couple days before trial and she explained to me thoroughly what would happen in court and prepared me for different scenarios. She gave me the best rate to help with costs and explained how much more it would be depending on the outcome. I highly recommend her. She was friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
Eugenia J. Avatar
Eugenia J.
5 star ratingAtty Haque is amazing. She is a life saver. She helped me to address and got rid of scum debt collectors. She did it flawlessly that we did not have to go to court. She took care of it right away and those scum collectors are all gone now! I truly recommend Atty. Haque to anybody because she will save your life!
Jv V. Avatar
Jv V.
5 star ratingI was looking for an attorney for my naturalization case and sent out the message, question through Yelp to nearby law offices few months ago. Mohaimina was one of the few attorneys who was kind to respond to my message in minutes and then gave me a free consultation on the phone. I loved talking to her as I felt she was understanding, attentive and very professional. She gave me brilliant suggestions and advices regarding the case which helped me essentially and they were the main reason for successful completion of my case. Soon we met in person at her office and I was hundred percent confident in her and in my decision that I'd chosen the right person.I absolutely recommend her as an attorney and I'm sure she will be one of the most well known and successful in the industry very soon.
Maia G. Avatar
Maia G.
Life saver! Atty Mina is a life saver! a debt collector was after me and started collecting garnishment. She jumped into action, took care of the situation and made it vanished without going to court. She did it flawlessly and smoothly. I did not have to do much. The process was very fast. The situation was resolved right away. Now I can breath easily and relax that I am protected. If there is ever another legal matter that may arise I would be calling her right away.
5 star ratingFirst of all the law office of Mohaimina is open on Saturdays! This made it so convenient for me to discuss my case without feeling rushed or having to make changes to my regular weekday routine. Mohaimina who also goes by Nina was generous to share general information freely regarding the immigration case I called about. Her consultation rate is very reasonable compared to other law firms and she provides sessions in both DC & VA. By no means did I feel obliged to pay for the general information Nina provided and she was also very clear regarding which services require a session and fee. She is knowledgeable and I think she strives to provide bona fide information to her clients. I wish her all the best and surely recommend her to anyone with an immigration case.
Roxanne R. Avatar
Roxanne R.
5 star ratingMs.Haque , is a truly amazing lawyer! Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She makes things very easy to understand. I had the pleasure of having her, help my family during a very tough time, she stuck with us through the entire ordeal and made things very easy to understand and let us know the rights we had. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, who wants a lawyer thats people and results oriented.
Karima K. Avatar
Karima K.