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Mahmood Rahimi

Mina is a brilliant and friendly advocate who saved our immigration journey. I had the privilege of working with Mina, an extraordinary attorney who played a pivotal role during my wife’s immigration interview. Her unwavering commitment and unwavering determination to defend our case against the USCIS officer’s baseless attempts were truly remarkable. Mina’s brilliance, coupled with her warm and approachable demeanor, left a lasting impression on us. Beyond her legal acumen, what sets Mina apart is her friendly and caring nature. Throughout the process, she demonstrated genuine concern for our well-being and emotional state. She took the time to listen to our concerns, patiently explaining the intricacies of the immigration process, and providing us with the reassurance we needed during this stressful time. Mina’s kindness and empathy put us at ease and made us feel valued as clients and individuals. Mina’s determination to fight for our rights was evident in her unwavering dedication to our case. It was clear that she was not only invested in the legal aspects but also deeply committed to achieving a positive outcome for our family. This level of personal investment is truly rare and spoke volumes about her dedication to her clients’ welfare. I wholeheartedly recommend Mina to anyone seeking legal representation.

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I had a life changing experience when the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque took my Discrimination case and represented me. They believed in me and fought for my rights with intelligence and compassion.

Chuck Harris


Mina has been an excellent lawyer. I have had issues with 2 of 3 previous lawyers including one immigration lawyer. We have finally found someone we can happily refer and would prefer to do business with.

Xavier Vergara


Best attorney for life 💕she work hard and understand the process and help to achieve goals best luck Mina …

Miram Z.

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